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Being a Board Member takes commitment, time and energy for what often turns out to be a thankless job. Yet, in Florida, approximately 25% of all Community Associations are self-managed, and there is an overwhelming reason: Cost Savings. In today’s economic climate, many Associations are struggling to makes ends meet and simply cannot afford a professional property management company, nor can they afford to retain the traditional, silk-stocking law firms that focus on billing, irrespective of the financial stability of the Association. Most Associations simply cannot afford to give their attorney a blank check to assert a lien, foreclose on a property or enforce an association rule. We believe legal fees must be reasonable and transparent, and that’s exactly why CALG offers flat rate fees for many of our services. For information on our affordable flat rate fee services,  call us at 407-628-8145,  or click “contact” above, and email us.

In addition to being affordable, many self-managed Associations choose CALG because our software allows Board Members and Officers to view the status of all matters we are handling on behalf of the Association. Our user friendly system allows your Board Members 24/7 access to these matters. Once your Association becomes a client, your Board is assigned one password which enables any Board Member or Officer to  enter the “Association” portal on our website. After simply logging in on our home page,  your Association’s account appears and lists each owner against whom legal action has been commenced. By clicking the name of the owner, the viewer is provided with a status of the case, including an activity log, PDFs  of the documents we created, the ledger, an accounting spread sheet, and an itemization of the legal fees. This feature gives the viewer instant information and eliminates the need to contact the Association’s attorney. Most of our Board Members use their computer or tablet to enter our website portal, but we also offer a mobile app allowing you to access your account information and other features directly from your mobile device or tablet. Virtually everything we do for your association is transparent. No secrets, no surprises and no more waiting on a return call from your attorney for an update. For information on our user friendly system or a free demonstration, call us at 407-628-8145 or click “contact” above, and email us.

Community Association Law Group looks forward to working for your Association.


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