Contract Review and Negotiation

Contract Negotiation

Does it seem like contracts keep getting longer and longer?  When you hear “Color of Title,” are you wondering if you need to color dye your deeds?

Do you wish you had someone who could not only read your community’s contracts before you have to sign them, but actually understand what is being said and offer advice on how to negotiate a better deal?  Community Association Law Group is here to help.

Contracts require a few simple things to be enforceable. At its core, a contract has to have four elements. There is the ‘offer,’ and ‘acceptance.’ A developer openly solicits people to make bids on a housing development they are building. There is an exchange of value (money for houses) is called ‘consideration.’ The agreement must be ‘legal’ and have legal consequences.

While there is serious scrutiny to be given to all of this, it helps to know who can accept a contract for your association. Can any member of your Board bind the association to a contract, or do your Bylaws restrict what certain people can agree on?

Sometimes, a judge will acknowledge that some people did not have the authority to sign a contract, but might affirm it anyway. Our staff will be able to help people understand their rights and responsibilities under homeowners association. With a lawyer on your side, you will have the advice that keeps you and your association from unneeded frustration.

Our staff of experienced attorneys have reviewed and negotiated hundreds of contracts on behalf of our condominium and homeowners association clients.  Whether it is a management agreement, a bulk cable contract, or a landscaper’s services agreement, chances are we have seen them all.

Have you become bogged down trying to learn all of the legal jargon in the massive contracts you were asked to sign? We know the types of clauses you want to see in every agreement and the ones you should avoid.  We also know about provisions that are illegal or unenforceable, and ones that are mandatory to make a contract binding and enforceable.  We even know what “Color of Title” is, and how you can prevent others from using it against you.

When you are ready to sign and execute a contract, our staff will help you with diligence and expertise. We will always review a contract before advising you to enter into it. Legal review before signing a major contract may seem pricey at first, but having experienced legal experts who can review, negotiate terms, and provide oversight on construction contracts and significant vendors will save you even more money in the long run.

We can also help you when it comes to bargaining for a better rate, often by helping you to step outside of the negotiations and thinking “outside the box.”  Your community deserves legal representation when it comes to negotiating the best deal on your contracts, and Community Association Law Group is here to help you with all of your community’s legal needs.

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