Collection and Foreclosure

Assessment Collection and Foreclosure

Assessment Collection Services

Assessments are often described as the “life blood” of a community association.  Typically, revenues generated from assessments are the only source of income a community association has with which to meet any of its financial obligations.  Community Association Law Group understands that fact and prides itself on its ability to aggressively pursue the collection of delinquent assessments as quickly and affordably as possible. We offer flat rated collection services which we post on this site for you to review. We are able to do this through the innovative use of new technologies which help us to streamline the collections and foreclosure process, reduce overhead, and operate in a substantially more efficient manner than traditional law firms.  That means less expense for us, and we pass that savings on to you! For more information on our flat rate fees for delinquent assessments, call us at 407-628-8145, or email us below.

Mortgage Foreclosure Services

Assessment Collection and ForeclosureWhat happens when an owner is not only late on assessments, but is also in mortgage foreclosure?  We have all heard the horror stories about bank foreclosures taking years to complete while the association is receiving nothing in the way of assessments.  That is why Community Association Law Group has developed its Mortgage Foreclosure Services system to apply pressure to the lenders to not only speed up their foreclosure proceedings so that your association has a new, assessment paying owner as quickly as possible, but also recover most or all of the past due assessments and legal expenses your community is owed. For more information on our flat rate fees, call us at 407-628-8145, or email us below.


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