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Collection and Foreclosure

ASSESSMENT COLLECTION SERVICES Assessments are often described as the “life blood” of a community association.  Typically, revenues generated from assessments are the only source of income a community association has with which to meet any of its financial obligations.  Community Association Law Group understands that fact and prides itself on its ability to aggressively pursue [...]

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Self-Managed Association?

Being a Board Member takes commitment, time and energy for what often turns out to be a thankless job. Yet, in Florida, approximately 25% of all Community Associations are self-managed, and there is an overwhelming reason: Cost Savings. In today’s economic climate, many Associations are struggling to makes ends meet and simply cannot afford a [...]

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Construction Defects

Taking over a new community association from a developer is a risky thing. There is a lot to consider, and you can discover mistakes at any time – even after the developer turned over control of the community association. Has your self-managed association discovered construction defects in the community's buildings? Is it possible something was [...]

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Enforcing The Rules

Maintaining a neat and uniform appearance within a community is not just about maintaining a small group’s ideals about aesthetics, it is one of the best ways to maintain property values. Quiet, well maintained, uniform communities appear newer and more desirable to buyers, and that can have a positive influence on everyone’s resale value.  As [...]

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