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Contract Negotiation and Review

Does it seem like contracts keep getting longer and longer?  Wish you had someone who could not only read your community’s contracts before you have to sign them, but actually understand what is being said and offer advice on how to negotiate a better deal?  Community Association Law Group is here to help. Our staff [...]

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Preparing Legal Opinions

Struggling to understand”Legalese?”  Want a clear answer as to what your association needs to do about a sticky situation?  Need someone to explain how a provision of your governing documents should be applied given the provisions of Florida law?  Did something go wrong and you need to know who should be held accountable?  Community Association [...]

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Reviewing and Amending Governing Documents

Did you know that homeowners association documents can expire?  How many of the provisions in your documents are out of date or violate recent changes to Florida law?  Do you know the process for amending your documents?  Or are you just fed up with not being able to do the things that other communities can [...]

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Construction Defects and Developer Disputes

Has your association discovered construction defects?  Did the developer of you community follow all the proper laws when it was in charge of your association?  Do you know what you are supposed to do and receive when the developer turns control of your association over to its members?  Community Association Law Group can help guide [...]

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Enforcing The Rules

Maintaining a neat and uniform appearance within a community is not just about maintaining a small group’s ideals about aesthetics, it is one of the best ways to maintain property values. Quiet, well maintained, uniform communities appear newer and more desirable to buyers, and that can have a positive influence on everyone’s resale value.  As [...]

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